When we become the past…

Internet is like Times Square.  People go online to shop, to socialize.  Social networks are just like clubs.  There are millions of people doing different activities online in every minutes.  It is difficult to keep personal information private because there is no law enforcement to protect the information.   The best way to protect the personal information is not to post too much personal information online.  According to the document, the government is taking records of people activities online for future reference.  Many people are worried about their privacy in future.  As I have stated, any information posted online should be expected to be view by others regardless of present or future.

Yesterday is our history.  Time is not waiting for us.  So as technology will not wait for us.  From radio to portable computers, technology has surpasses human working capacity in efficiency.  Everyday living is completely different from the past and future is definitely different from now.  Soon enough, everyone in this generation will become the history and study by the future historians.  It is very person’s option for leaving their information for the future.  Internet is just public.  People has the option to leave their trace behind for others to see.  Freedom is on people’s hand to control.  In this case, government is just like a recorder.