“Save our Children” (organization)

“As with the anti-ERA movement, the anti-gay rights movement gained national attention through its embrace by an effective female leader, in this case pop singer Anita Bryant, who was the national spokesperson for the Florida orange juice industry.  She called her organization “Save our Children.”

In the late 1970’s, a county in Florida passed  civil legislation ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of “affectional or sexual preferences.”  This was a huge step towards equal civil rights between people among different sexual or affectional preferences.  However, Miss Anita Bryant strongly opposed this legislation and tried to have this legislation appealed through national media coverage and campaigning.  Her argument was that homosexuality was morally and ethically wrong, specifically portrayed them as potential child molesters.  These are the kind of hurdles America has had to overcome to pass equal rights for people with different sexual preferences.  During this time period, homosexuals are seen as sinful and morally wrong citizens; however America definitely does not have that view today and the legislation passed helped America step forward.