Joint Special Operations Command – “Dirty Wars”

After watching the extremely controversial documentary, Dirty Wars, I strongly disagree with the independent journalist, Jeremy Scahill.  Freedom is not free and there is a price we have to pay as Americans to maintain our freedom.  War and violence is necessary for America’s national security and to defend against its radical enemies.  Joint Special Operations Command, or JSOC, is composed of America’s deadliest warriors and best equipped troops.  Navy Seals, Army Delta Force, and Army Rangers are a few examples of the elite units within JSOC.  JSOC is famously known for their successful mission of assassinating Osama Bin Laden.  Their mission is to seek out foreign terrorists that are combatants of war against the United States and assassinate or capture them covertly.  The reason for JSOC becoming extremely popular within the White House is because of its success and lower casualty rates opposed to traditional warfare and troops.  Scahill disagrees with the tactics and violence they use in order to carry out their mission and wants them to be held accountable for their actions.  It is unfortunate women and children are victims of war, but that is always a consequence of war.  I believe their deadly use of force in carrying out their mission is necessary for their safety and more importably for the safety of our nation.  We are able to live in a free society with a high standard of living because of the United States Military.  I strongly agree with Winston Churchill’s quote, “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.”  The United States of America is nowhere near equivalent to the colonial British Empire, but they’re are similarities and the British were forced to use violence as a means of keeping its empire together.


United States led Coalition in Iraq

“On January 17, 1991, hte U.S.-led coalition launched a massive air attack on Iraq.  The pummeling from the air of Iraq and Iraqi forces in Kuwait continued for third-eight days, as the United States and its allies unleashed just about every nonnuclear aerial weapon they had in their arsenals.”


With the United States advanced military technology, they successfully subdued the Iraq Republican Guard and eliminated Iraq’s formal military within days.  Also, the U.S was able to invade the country with ground forces and able to take over the country.  The U.S. led coalition forces only suffered 248 casualties opposed to the tens of thousands of Iraqis killed.  The casualties suffered in Iraq does not even compare to the ones suffered in Vietnam and prior wars.  This military victory for George Bush validated America’s military after they were unsuccessful in Vietnam.


“Hezbollah, a newly formed Shiite group with Syrian and Iranian backing, found a devastating, low- tech way to respond to the high-tech American forces.  On April, 18 1983, a pickup truck with two thousand pounds of explosives crashed into the lobby of the American embassy in Beirut, killing sixty-three people, including all six members of the CIA’s Beirut station and a high-ranking agency official who happened to be visiting.”


As we see in Chapter 16, Hezbollah is similar to other terrorist groups in the Middle East who combat American troops with unconventional warfare.  Their type of warfare is cheap, effective, and cowardly since they are using explosives and blowing themselves up.  With the most sophisticated military technology, America is still having difficulty defeating these types of forces.  This is similarly seen in Vietnam when America could not defeat them with the most advanced military equipment.

Avicii vs Nicky Romero – I could be the one

EDM , or Electronic Dance Music seems to be invading our generation by the minute.  I certainly do not love all of it; however, I do appreciate some EDM songs.  Avicii is one of my favorite dj’s and producers and I think his song collaboration with Nicky Romero, I could be the one, was a great idea.

His song, I could be the one, definitely applies to many people’s lives, including mine.  As most college students experience college, we all constantly struggle with what we want to do with our lives.  His song represents what most students definitely do not want.  It’s about a woman who is trapped in her daily routine of work that is so monotonous and boring that she cannot stand her life.  She needs someone or something to break up her miserable and boring life.  I think this song overall is a fun party song with a good beat that makes me feel good when I listen to it.



“Save our Children” (organization)

“As with the anti-ERA movement, the anti-gay rights movement gained national attention through its embrace by an effective female leader, in this case pop singer Anita Bryant, who was the national spokesperson for the Florida orange juice industry.  She called her organization “Save our Children.”

In the late 1970’s, a county in Florida passed  civil legislation ordinance that prohibited discrimination on the basis of “affectional or sexual preferences.”  This was a huge step towards equal civil rights between people among different sexual or affectional preferences.  However, Miss Anita Bryant strongly opposed this legislation and tried to have this legislation appealed through national media coverage and campaigning.  Her argument was that homosexuality was morally and ethically wrong, specifically portrayed them as potential child molesters.  These are the kind of hurdles America has had to overcome to pass equal rights for people with different sexual preferences.  During this time period, homosexuals are seen as sinful and morally wrong citizens; however America definitely does not have that view today and the legislation passed helped America step forward.


Harlan County’s Sheriffs Department


Harlan County’s Sheriffs Department played a role throughout the documentary, Harlan County, USA; however they did not seem to defend the mine workers and their families from the evil companies.  It is understood they were merely doing their jobs when they had to keep the roads open from the picket lines preventing the scabs from taking the striking miners’ jobs.  The relationship between the police and the miners  got out of hand when the picket lines and the police offers clashed.  The police are suppose to protect the good from evil and uphold the law.  Unfortunately, the police were not their to defend the workers from the thugs of the companies who used intimidation tactics to break the picket lines up. The police were not present when the thugs were intimidating the striking miners.  They could have prevented the murder of the young miner who was taken away from his family and community at such a young age.  His death brought victory for the striking miner’s and they won their contract they wanted.

College Campuses

“Campus life did not return to pre-1960s norms.  Sex, drug use, and, increasingly, heavy drinking pervaded many campuses.  By the end of the 1970s, the typical college campus was a very different place than it had been at the start of the decade.”


During the 1960’s was a period of radical social change throughout younger generations and it is exemplified on college campuses.  However, after the social revolution and the 1970s began, college campuses did not return to the traditional way they were before the 1960s.  A new radical social change in the 1970s was college coeducation became universal and this even included the United States Military Service Academies.  College Campuses were a new level of freedom high school students experienced after they graduated high school and moved onto their college campus.  Today, college campuses are heavily regulated and administrators try to prevent alcohol and drug use from occurring.

1977 World Series

“Manager Billy Martin seethed.  He had opposed signing Jackson. He refused to attend the press conferences introducing Jackson in pinstripes.  As the season began, he cold-shouldered the star, sometimes benched him.  When he was upset, he called Jackson “boy.”


Even a little more than thirty years ago, racism was still prevalent in professional sports, specifically in Jackson’s case in major league baseball. However, even as a victim of racism on his team, Jackson received a 3 million dollar signing contract with the Yankees and made more money than his teammates.  It is ironic how his teammates and his manager looked down on him and even benched him just because of his skin color even though he was the most talented ball player on the Yankees.  The New York Yankees won the 1977 World Series because of Reggie Jackson and he was named MVP.

The Stonewall Riot

“The movement for gay rights first drew national attention in June 1969, when the police raided a bar in Greenwich Village frequented by homosexual men, the Stonewall Inn.” (pg 265)

During this era, the movement for homosexuality equality was barely a movement and was just forming its roots.  The 1960’s was a decade of change and reform for America’s social issues.  This riot was the stepping stone for America’s attention towards homosexuality and gay rights.  During this riot, the patrons of the Stonewall Inn resisted and fought the police officer’s raid on the bar and did not submit towards their moral laws.