Ten Thousand Hours- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

My Favorite Song

One of my current favorite song is Ten Thousand Hours by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis. This is the first song of their album so it is the first song to be play every time I listen o the album.  So this song is play often than any other song and I believe you will love a song  if you listen to a song enough times. This album was independently produce and it manages to reach number 1 on iTunes. The song details their journey as a artist and trying to produce music base on their creatively and not falling into what the record company thinks will make the most sale. The title of the song is a referring to Malcolm Gladwell’s theory that 10,000 hours need to be spend on a subject to be an expert on it.  It also point out music needs passionate and handwork since he is singing about working over 10,000 hours on this album.  It is also a great catchy song. Their whole album is great and there is great variety with the songs. The order of the songs in the album also has a nice transition.