Where is the love?

Where is the Love?


I chose the song Where is the love? by The Black Eyed Peas. I find the lyrics of this song very powerful and meaningful as it mentions the issues that have been going on here in the U.S and around the world, and still does. The title of the song goes beyond the question Where is the love?, there is a lot of meaning behind it, its a very deep question with more questions that come along with it, like where is the peace? why do people fight? why do we kill each other? don’t you see the innocent suffering? where is your love?.. It talks about discrimination, racism, war, innocent people and kids dying, the selfishness government leaders, inequality, negativity from the media, lack of moral¬†values and respect, etc…

I love this song because it’s a reminder of what is going on around us. Sometimes we ¬†get lost in our own little world being selfish, and thinking only about ourselves, our problems, and we complain, a lot, we forget that there are so many more things going on out there that might or might be worse than our problems, but nevertheless, as citizens of the world we are responsible for them as well.

The world has not never been at peace, and even though we know how to create it, we can’t accomplish it, so in the song there is a cry for help from a higher power, higher than the government and all, help from God. We can’t only be part of the problems, we also have to be part of the solution. “Can you practice what you preach?… Where is the love?”