De la Soul: Me, Myself, and I


I recently discovered this song about a year or two ago. I immediately was struck by how hilarious the video was. These 3 “hippie” guys that make up the group going to  a school run by b-boys and other typical hip hop style guys. This song struck a chord with me not only because of the video but the fact that it portrays a different kind of person. Not just someone who follows the style but someone who is true to themself. In the neighborhoods I grew up in I never really belonged to a single group. I liked all kinds of music not just hip hop. I cartoons and mindlessly watching t.v. but I also liked to learn and liking  a broad specturm of culture was normal for me in my family. So in the song when De La Soul talks about simply being who they are and not just copying the people around them I grew to have a certain respect for the message they bring in the song. Plus, the beat is fly. 🙂