25th JAN 2019 – 1st MARCH 2019 – REGISTRATION

Watch the Video and Photos of the Orientation.

Watch the Slide and the Photos of the Social Mixer.

This workshop was led by Dr. Stan Altman. Students were recommended to read The Discipline of Teams by Douglas K Smith and Jon Katzenbach before attending the workshop. Watch the Slide and Video from this workshop.

22nd FEB 2019 –WORKSHOP #2: PROBLEM IDENTIFICATION AND SOLUTION STRATEGIES Led by Roger Osorio, IBM  Corporation Recommended Reading before attending this workshop – Know your customers’ “jobs to be done” by Clayton M. Christensen, Taddy Hall, Karen Dillon, and David S. Duncan. Watch the Video of this workshop.

Friday, 1st March 2019 –WORKSHOP #3: PRESENTATION SKILLS AND COMMUNICATION STRATEGIES Led by Don Waisanen, AssociateProfessor, Baruch College
Watch the video on Effective Presentation by Professor Denise Patrick.

1st MARCH 2019 – MILESTONE #1  Deadline

Boot Camp – March 8th & March 9th
Venue: Space Shuttle Pavillion,  Rear Flight DeckIntrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum
Check out the 2019 Boot Camp Program Detail.
Watch the Videos of the Boot Camp Workshop on AI on  March 8th, and the Boot Camp Workshop on March 9th led by Armen Pischdotchian from IBM Watson.

See the Photos of the Boot Camp on March 8th, Friday, and feel free to tag yourself.
See the Photos of the Boot Camp on March 9th, Saturday, and feel free to tag yourself.

Saturday, 9th March 2019 – MILESTONE #2: Five-Minute Pitch of your project idea, or, Five-Minute Team Presentation (This is an Oral pitch and not a powerpoint presentation)
Teams presented a Five-Minute Pitch of their project idea in front of ‘a panel of reviewers’ during the second day of the Boot Camp. Teams failing to present the pitch were considered officially out of the competition thereafter.

Resource: Watch the video on Effective Presentation by Professor Denise Patrick.

Why the Five-Minute Pitch or, the Five-Minute Team Presentation?
This Five-Minute Pitch is not to judge or grade your project idea. All the teams presenting the pitch will be eligible to move ahead in the competition. Delivering your pitch allows you an opportunity to discuss your project with a team of reviewers who might have questions and advice for you regarding the plausibility and impact of your project proposal.

In preparing for your Five Minute Oral Pitch, be sure to address the following as best you can at this point in the competition:
1. Case Criteria: Discuss the reason your team selected the sector and the project to work on and the associated challenges. Why is it important to solve this problem? Who are the users of the application your project proposes?
2. Integration of IBM Watson Technology: Discuss why and how you could be using Watson cognitive technology to solve the problem.
3. Plausibility: Cognitive computing technology is changing so rapidly that its ability to solve a problem will expand in the near future. Therefore think creatively about the technology you will be utilizing – you do not have to be bound by what is possible today – consider what might be possible tomorrow.
4. Impact: What part of Higher Education or NYC Government (potential client) would be interested in your application? How will your application impact the potential client’s ability to serve its public?

Friday, 15th March 2019 – WORKSHOP #4. Hands-on IBM WATSON AI APIs
Led by Helen Lam, IBM Corporation
Click here to watch the video of this workshop. Here is the link that Helen used for all her demonstrations during the workshop.

Led by William Ross, IBM Watson
Watch the video of this workshop at this link. And here’s the Slide from the workshop.

Friday, 12th April 2019 – MILESTONE #3 due by 6 PM 
Teams submitted a 3-page  Case Statement (also referred to as Business Case Analysis) and 1-minute Video by email to Teams failing to meet Milestone #3 deadline were no longer part of the Challenge. Teams used this page as Cover Page for the Business Case Analysis.
Resources for Milestone#3:
1. As you prepare your Case Statement, we strongly recommend you to watch the video of Will Ross’s presentation from the workshop on Preparing a Case Statement and also go through his Slide from the workshop.
2. Likewise, take a look at the submissions from the Winning Teams of 2014 and 2017 and the Winning Teams of 2018.

Friday, 19th April 2019 – ANNOUNCEMENT OF TOP 10 FINALISTS
After the review of the Business Case Analysis / Case Statement, and 1-minute Video by a panel of Final Selection Committee, top 10 Finalists were announced by email by 5 pm on April 19th.

Wednesday, 1st MAY 2019 – ‘5-MINUTE PRESENTATION’ due by 9:00 PM
Ten Finalists submitted a Powerpoint Slide for their ‘5-Minute Final Presentation'(to be used on May 3rd) by email to (Resources: Take a look at the Final Presentations from the 2018 Challenge Finalists).

9:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Administration for Children’s Services Children’s Center, 492 First Avenue (at 29th Street), New York, NY 10016
The 10 Finalists gave a 5-Minute Final Presentation to a panel of Judges drawn from diverse fields in government, education, and private industry. Awards were presented to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners.

Watch the video of the FINAL PRESENTATIONS.


For questions regarding the CUNY-IBM Watson Social Impact Challenge 2019, please read Student FAQs . For additional queries, write to us at