Here below are the links to some Case Studies, Articles, and the links to the Videos of Workshops conducted in the CUNY-IBM Watson Social Impact Challenges held in 2014, 2017, and 2018:

  1. Sample Case Studies: These two case studies below were prepared to help students in the competition think about the process of identifying, designing and building design mobile apps using IBM Watson and Bluemix technologies to solve social problems.

The first case is based on the mobile app MWBE Connect NY developed by Tunisha and other members of the Capalino team. Case Example of App for WMBE-V3

The second case is much more extensive and describes the development of Teacher Advisor with Watson, a tool to help teachers prepared syllabi, course outlines and other materials related to teaching 33rd-grade mathematics, consistent with the requirements of the common core. Teacher Advisor with WATSON – Case Study.

2.  Articles: NY Times article describing the partnership between H&R Block and IBM using Watson to help prepare individual and corporate tax returns. New York Times – HR Block -IBM 

3. Discussion on Artificial Intelligence at World Economic Forum recently held in Davos, Switzerland featuring remarks by Ginny Rometty, Chairperson, President and CEO of IBM

4. IBM-Watson Academic Engagements

5. Examples of Business Case Analysis and 1-minute videos from the winning participants of CUNY-IBM Watson Social Impact Challenge of 2014 and 2017.

6. A few selected submissions from the participants of 2014, 2017, and 2018.

7. Links to the Videos of all the workshops held during the 2018 CUNY-IBM Watson Social Impact Challenge can be found at this link by clicking on the ‘click here for more information’ options next to the list of the workshops.

8. Applying AI for social good – a discussion paper by McKinsey Global Institute

9. Job and Training Opportunities at IBM – New Collar JobApprenticeship ProgramSkills Certification.