The hybrid graduate course “International Higher Education: Policies and Practices” comes to an end. We aimed to provide a comparative perspective on international higher education at two primary levels-policy developments and institutional practices. At the policy level, we discussed and analyzed diverse contexts and approaches for education policies. At the institutional level, we delved into constraints and choices which define various internationalization strategies. The overarching objective of the course was to provide research/theoretical foundations and at the same time provide practical perspectives to students.iNTERNATIONAL higher education policies and strategies graduate hybrid course by Dr. Rahul Choudaha

The course provided at least two major unique elements of learning:

  1. First, this blog served as a collective outcome of course discussions and reflections. An opportunity to learn a blogging tool but also shape the learning experience in an interactive and gradual manner.
  2. Second, two panels of international higher education professionals who provided diverse perspectives on the state of the sector and shared their career trajectories. It helped students to get a practical perspective to the theory/research on international higher education.

The panelist were:

Panel 1: May 02

  • Patricia Burlaud, Dean of Operations, Assessments and Accreditation (Global Academic Programs) at New York Institute of Technology
  • AlessiaLefebure, Director of the Alliance at Columbia University
  • Melissa Vivian, Global Experiences Director of Academic Internships

Panel 2: May 16

  • Susi Rachouh, Director of International Programs, Stevens Institute of Technology
  • James Shafer, Director, Global Language Institute/American English Program at New Jersey City University
  • Nori Jaffer, Associate Vice President, International Division, Berkeley College

I wish students the very best intheir endeavors with international higher education. And, a fun and relaxing summer!

Dr. Rahul Choudaha


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