The goal with my blog is to publish news from young and experienced developers, and the attributes that influence game design. Within the video games industry, there has been a gap between developers, video game critics, and video game players (community).

There is a great need within the industry to stand together and close this gap. This blog can help individuals who want to get a behind the scenes perspective on game design. This blog also can show that people with an eye towards building relationships within the video game community can gather and discuss rather than show off conflict. In an organized and scholarly process, my intention is to encourage conversations through interviews, and events about debatable topics

In order for the video game industry to thrive for the better, gamers, as consumers, must do research, follow games they are interested in, and also make more rational decisions to purchase games. If this happens, developers will become more and more open to development and accumulate trust in their customers.

An example would be indie developers kick-starting their games. Though funding money, which is received from the developers, they can provide updates to people who back their game. Very rarely, however, do any other developers even have the option to provide this opportunity, as there are external and internal factors that come to hand.

As part of this process, I want to show people about other resources that are out there and help build more respect between the critics, developers and the community.