Lola’s simple and brief moment in life

“You changed too. Not right away, but it happens. And it’s in that bathroom where it all begins. Where you begin (page 54).”

In chapter two of The Brief ¬†Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, it switches from Oscar narrating to his sister, Lola, narrating. Lola is older and the complete opposite of Oscar. She is tough, athletic, and rebellious. She challenges her mother’s teaching by arguing with her mother and running away from home. Her life choice was sparked by the realization of how her life will eventually end up like her mothers’. She was called to the bathroom by her mother so her mother can show her physically the tumor on her breast. When Lola felt the tumor, she realizes that she doesn’t want to live a life like her mothers’. Once she realizes what she that she says: ” You changed too. Not right away but it happens” which means that this moment changed her view on how her life should be. She might not have done anything about it until later on, which is why she said the change wasn’t “right away”, but this simple and brief moment was life changing. This quote is an important quote as it explains why Lola is so different from her brother, and it also shows how small moments in life, can make a huge difference.

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  1. I think this moment within the book was definetly an awakening to Lola. This moment gave her the courage to live her life how she wants to, and not be confined to the dominican female role. Although like you stated it was not instant, all things take time and as she progressed and grew up, so did her beliefs. Seeing her mother in a vulnerable state, made her realize that really anything can happen and although she was trying her best to satisfy her mothers needs, at the end of the day life is short and anything can happen. This event marked her change in perspective, in regards to her own life.

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