Essay 2

ENG 2100
Dr. R. Rodriguez
Essay 2 Due 11/21/ 2016 via Turnitin on Blackboard (the link is under “Course Documents”)
5 double-spaced pages

For your second essay you will develop an original argument based on your analysis of two sources, one from this class and one from Professor Heath’s class. Choose either Leonora Sansay’s Secret History or Jean Rhys’ Wide Sargasso Sea for one of your sources from this class. I recommend that you read and annotate both sources carefully before you start writing. Look for passages that raise questions for which there are no easy answers, questions that would require the writing of an essay. In preparation for the essay, write a one-page response for each source. This will help you identify similarities and differences between the sources. A response is neither a summary nor an essay. In it, you’re simply selecting something particular about the source that you think is worth discussing–not unlike your blog entries. Once you’ve written the responses, make an appointment with me so that we can discuss your ideas further. Bring the responses with you to our meeting. The main purpose of our conversation will be the crafting of a rationale for why the two sources that you’ve chosen merit being paired together.

I’m looking for a well-argued, well-written essay, organized around a debatable thesis that you will support with evidence and analysis. Be sure to consult the links on our course website if you need help with paragraphing, transitions, writing with an audience in mind, citations, etc.

Title your essay and number your pages. Titles should give your reader a sense of what the essay is about.