Our Mission

“Our mission is to give Baruch students the tools to be stewards of the world they inhabit, to connect them with nature, and to prepare them to be leaders in a greener, more sustainable future.​ The impact of climate change is already here, and it is imperative that we act now to preserve the planet for future generations.”

The Locke Interdisciplinary Capstone in Environmental Sustainability and Climate Change, endowed by Professor Susan Locke, Professor Emerita, brings together faculty representing two different disciplines and a small group of students. Topics and faculty, representing Weissman, Zicklin, and Marxe Schools, will vary from year to year. This capstone focuses on the timely and critically important challenge of understanding the state and fate of the Earth. Specifically, it looks at the science of climate change, its impact on environmental sustainability, society, health and well-being. It looks at how social and institutional policies and changes in human behavior can keep the natural world viable. One of its objectives is to increase our urban students’ appreciation of the environment through creative self-expression and environmental advocacy.

Each course will focus on an interdisciplinary theme related to the environment and will be taught by one faculty member from Natural Sciences and one from another discipline that will change each year. The course will emphasize scientific and creative experiences that enhance student learning including field trips, laboratory research, studio work, simulations in virtual reality, survey research, and/or computer models. Students enrolled in the Honors section (4010H) will need to complete additional requirements.

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