My favorite photographer was Lee Friedlander, specifically the image with three different components. The image was taken inside a car and therefore you could see the image from the car’s window, outside, and from the car’s side-view mirror. The way he was able to capture what was going on behind the car left me in awe. Seeing this photograph left me calm and at peace. I could imagine it be a cloudy/windy day. The fact that the image was in black and white gave it an older look and I like how it seems that it was near the countryside (kind of like a road trip feel). Seeing the mountains through the side view mirror gave the image an element of surprise because from the front view of the car no mountains are visible.

My second favorite was Abelardo Morell’s, “Manhatten View Looking South in a Large View.” As soon as I saw this image it reminded me of the movie, Dr. Strange from Marvel. It seems like the image is being mirrored and although it looks confusing at first, I think it’s very unique and is a new take on NYC. I could imagine that if someone were in that room, that it would feel as if you were actually in NYC. Since this is in a large room on a projector, it appears as if it were zoomed in. The artist did an amazing job and really thought out of the box. 

The funniest artwork I saw was William Wegman’s art about dogs dressing as humans. The saying goes, “dogs are a man’s best friend” but in this case, the dog became the man. This approach is very lively and I really like how Wegman dresses the dogs differently and seems as if they are humans in society. For instance, in one art piece there’s a dog’s head, but with human hands and clothes. From what I see, the same type of dog is used for each art piece which may be symbolic for Wegman. I really enjoyed viewing his artwork because it gives a different perspective to not only humans but dogs.

15 Things

  1. NYC has a variety of food options.
  2. A crazy storm affected many families.
  3. Baruch finally reopened.
  4. The fall season is approaching.
  5. Organizing my calendar.
  6. Color coding is helpful.
  7. Phone doesn’t have enough storage.
  8. It’s sunny in the mornings.
  9. Long weekend ahead.
  10. Finally starting junior year.
  11. Visiting family on weekends.
  12. People are starting to travel.
  13. Leaves will soon start to fall.
  14. Food is pretty cool.
  15. It’s bright out.