Independent Assignment 6/28/21

Your independent assignment is to keep working on your paper, which is due today at 11:59 PM.  When you have finished a draft that you are relatively happy with, I’d like you to look over the grading rubric.  Based on the rubric, assign your paper a grade. Consider what your papers does effectively and what in it would benefit from revision. If you are not satisfied with grade you have given yourself, then consider what you would need to change in order to get the grade you are aiming for. Make whatever changes you think are needed before you hand in the final draft of your paper.  (There is no need to tell me what grade you are giving your own paper.  This an exercise designed to help you approach the revision process more carefully)

2 thoughts on “Independent Assignment 6/28/21

  1. I feel that my essay is a B+ because I do provide evidence and an analysis for whether Victoria Woolf’s novel, “Mrs. Dalloway” is supportive of feminism or not. However, I do feel like I could have provided more analysis on Woolf’s support of feminism and gone more in depth.

  2. I feel like my essay is a B+. I talk about the novel Ms.Dalloway and how the author Virginia Woolf depicts feminism in the novel. I provide evidence and quotes from the novel that I later analyze the evidence I provide.I I feel confident on my essay. I do feel like I should have talked more about different evidence found in the novel of feminism.

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