Making Headlines: Muslim Woman Becomes the First Somali American Mayor in the United States

  • The Independent profiled the struggles of British Muslim women facing Islamophobia in the United Kingdom. 


  • A South Asian activist from Brooklyn was elected to New York’s City Council, becoming the first Muslim woman in this position. Reported by NBC New York.


  • BBC News reports on the hate emails United Kingdom’s Coventry South Member of Parliament, Zarah Sultana, recently received. The backlash is associated with her being a Muslim woman in politics. 


  • An immigrant from Somalia will be representing Black and Somali American Muslim women by being the first Somali American mayor in the U.S, and the first black mayor in South Portland, Maine. According to The Boston Globe


  • The New York Times features a reflective piece on Muslim women’s modest choice of dress and how its depiction was changed due to the pandemic. 


Photo credits: “Young Muslim Women”. Photo by Garry Knight is licensed under CC.