Personal stories of powerful women

Muslimat is a blog dedicated to telling the stories of Muslim women who – while they may be seen and heard – are never fully understood. Muslimat is the transliteration of the Arabic word (مسلمات), the plural for a female Muslim. The blog’s name is an invitation to meet individuals with this identity. Here you will read their stories and hear their voices. They may be your neighbor, doctor, child’s teacher, or someone you have unintentionally stereotyped due to the media. These chronicles will help re-write the narrative and show you the reality of these women through their perspectives.

Photo of Siddrah Alhindi. Photo provided by Siddrah Alhindi.

This blog is created by Siddrah Alhindi, a Muslim American writer, editor, and native of New York, which is home to wonderful women whom she wants the world to meet. Through the stories she shares, she hopes she can allow others to step in the shoes (or wrap themselves in the hijabs) of women often misunderstood due to misinformation.