Video Tutorials at Ohio University Libraries

Ohio University Libraries have put together a nice collection of video tutorials on things like how to find a book, how to find an article, etc. Some of these are screencasts, while others are actual videos shot with a videocamera. The folks behind this project used WordPress to organize all the videos (each one is tagged).

If you’ve heard of Ohio University’s library before, it’s probably because of a couple of notable projects they’ve undertaken in the past:

Biz Wiki

Chad Boeninger created BizWiki, a subject guide on business resources, four years ago using wiki software and has done a really great job with it. Recently, on a post from his personal blog, he looked back over what he has learned as he’s developed this resource.

Video reference kiosk

A kiosk was set up on one of the upper floors of the library that featured a PC running Skype on it. From this PC kiosk, patrons can interact via video chat with librarians. Former Ohio University librarian, Char Booth, has done many presentations on this, including this one, and has written about it for Internet Reference Services Quarterly (I have a copy of the article if anyone wants to see it).