No Off Campus Access to APA Books or APA Handbooks

20 07 2017

We have two e-book collections from APA on their PsycNET platform (not to be confused with PsycINFO and PsycARTICLES, which on are EBSCOhost) that are for the moment only available on campus. On Monday, APA launched a new interface for PsycNET and, predictably, it broke something major for all their customers. APA is looking into why off campus access is broken. It may take them a few days to figure out how EZproxy needs to be configured with the new interface, so it may not be until early next week that we can restore off campus access.

ProQuest Databases Back Online

19 07 2017

After a major outage yesterday, ProQuest restored service last night. If you want to read the details of what went wrong, this blog post from the ProQuest CIO, Richard Belanger, explains it all.

ProQuest Databases Down [UPDATED]

18 07 2017

ProQuest is reporting problems at its end with access to all of its databases. As soon as we get word of access being restored, I’ll post an update here on the reference blog.

UPDATE – 19 July 2017, 8:20 am – ProQuest services came back online late last night.

Bose noise-cancelling headphones – now available for loan at the Circulation Desk

6 07 2017

Hi all,

Starting today, we will be loaning Bose noise-cancelling headphones from the circulation desk.  These will be same-day loans, due back 10 min before the desk closes.

We can offer them to students looking for headphones but I think it’s also a good idea to offer them to folks who are looking for a quiet study space but aren’t a part of a group.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks, Jeff

We Now Loan Phone Chargers from the Laptop Desk

20 06 2017

Jeffrey Lynch, the manager of the Technology Loan Desk, announced the following today:

We now have phone chargers to loan from the laptop desk: five Android chargers & five iPhone chargers. The loan period is two hours with no renewals.

The overdue fee is $5/day and the replacement cost is $40 plus a $25 service fee.

New Interface and Name for Advertising REDBOOKS

20 06 2017

Advertising REDBOOKS has overhauled the interface recently and rebranded the site as just “REDBOOKS.” If you haven’t been in REDBOOKS for a while, it’s worth taking a peek at what you can find there. If you look up a company, such as Red Robin Gourmet Burgers, you can find:

  • a list of the agencies that provided media buying, brand strategy, marketing, digital media planning, etc.
  • media spend amounts by category (cable TV, spot TV, outdoor, newspapers, etc.)
  • business summary and financials
  • its SIC and NAICS classifications
  • a list of its competitors
  • recent company news

On the A-Z list of databases, there is now a pointer link in the “A-B” tab that says “Advertising REDBOOKS is now called ‘REDBOOKS‘” (the link resolves to the new interface for REDBOOKS) and link in the “Q-R” tab that says “REDBOOKS formerly known as ‘Advertising REDBOOKS.‘” We’ll keep that pointer link until the end of the calendar year.

Access Problems with Ebook Central (formerly ebrary) Fixed

17 06 2017

The problems we were seeing with access to ebooks on the new Ebook Central platform should now be gone. Since ProQuest moved CUNY’s ebook collections from the ebrary platform to Ebook Central last Wednesday, we were unable to connect to the full text from off campus. After much back and forth with ProQuest’s tech support staff and after my endless fiddling with the settings file in our EZproxy server that enables off campus access, we were able to get things working again.

If there are any ebook access problems you encounter, please report them to Mike Waldman or me.

ebrary: no remote access

8 06 2017

ebrary moved to a new platform EBook Central so it will look different this morning. We are experiencing issues however with remote access. We are working with the vendor to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Remote Access Maintenance Work Is Done

2 06 2017

The staff at BCTC smoothly updated our EZproxy server software that powers our remote access system this morning. Access to databases on and off campus should now be back to normal.

If you encounter any access problems for a database or other licensed resource, please report them to Mike Waldman or me right away.

Database Cancellation: WestlawNext Patron Access

31 05 2017

We’ve cancelled one of the Westlaw databases–WestlawNext Patron Access–that used a password and was limited to two simultaneous users. We still subscribe to WestlawNext Campus Research, which provides both legal information and news sources. To see all law databases we currently subscribe to, visit to the subject database listing for them.