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New Listing for Harvard Business Review on A-Z Databases

The A-Z database list now features a link for Harvard Business Review. The URL takes you to a new Harvard Business Review LibGuide page that explains all the complicating factors in accessing articles from Harvard Business Review (which we have full text access for the magazine articles going back to 1922 in the Business Source Complete database), including:

  • restrictions on direct linking for all HBR magazine articles
  • restrictions on printing and downloading for selected articles
  • web-only content on the website
  • case studies, which aren’t in the magazine anyway, and must be directly purchased by students and faculty

I added a search box on this page that has some hidden code that takes the user’s search term and ANDs it with “harvard business review.” This works pretty well in finding both the magazine articles and the web-only content that can be found in Business Source Complete.

Please look over this new guide to familiarize yourself with all the access issues and options. The decision to add this periodical on our list of databases didn’t come easily, as we normally use the A-Z list for things that truly are databases, given the continuing confusion students and faculty have over this resource, it made sense to give it a standalone listing on the databases page much as we do for the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times.

Disruptions to Remote Access and Patron Accounts in OneSearch on May 20

CUNY CIS will be doing scheduled maintenance work on Saturday, May 20, to the CUNY Login system between 10 AM and 3 PM. During this time, users may not be able to:

  • log into the patron account system in OneSearch that would let them request delivery of books from other CUNY libraries, renew loan periods, etc.
  • log into library databases and e-resources from off campus (on campus access should be unaffected for all databases and e-resources except for O’Reilly ebooks and the FitchConnect database)

New Database: Preprint Citation Index

Clarivate recently added a new database to the Web of Science interface. The Preprint Citation Index helps you find articles that haven’t been formally published yet but are available on preprint servers and see who has been citing them already.

A direct link to the Preprint Citation Index can now be found on the A-Z databases page on the “O-P” tab. For more info from Clarivate about this new database, see this February 3 announcement.

Limited Access for AP Stylebook and Artnet

In our password-protected Public Services Wiki, there are details for library staff explaining how students in a specific art history course can access the “Price Database” within Artnet and journalism students in JRN 3100 can access the AP Stylebook. Because these subscriptions are limited for a particular course, they are not listed on our A-Z databases pages. In case anyone asks us in a reference setting about these, you can find all the info you’ll need to answer those questions in the wiki.

Books24x7 Records Temporarily Removed from OneSearch

As of today, we’ve temporarily removed all records for Books24x7 from OneSearch. Since last semester, we’ve been working with the vendor on restoring access to this ebook collection. Previously, the link to Books24x7 in the OneSearch records included a note indicating the collection was temporarily unavailable. That message was often not seen by our users, so to prevent further confusion we decided to pull the records out of OneSearch until access is restored. There is some overlap among the Books24x7 collection with the O’Reilly and the Ebook Central collections, so many titles are still available on other platforms and still discoverable in OneSearch because of that overlapping availability.

CUNY Login Option for Remote Access Not Working (UPDATE: working again)

UPDATE (9:35 AM): Remote access is now working again. The issue may have been due to an expired certificate.


I am investigating why our remote access via the CUNY Login isn’t working. Once you enter your CUNY Login credentials, you see an error page from CUNY that says:

Web Login Service – Error

An error occurred: ActionExecutionException

I’ve submitted a ticket to the CUNY OLS Help Desk to see if the problem is affecting all the CUNY campuses that use the CUNY Login for remote access or not. Oddly enough, if you log into your user account in OneSearch, which also uses the CUNY Login system, there aren’t the same problems we’re seeing with remote database access.

I’ll update this post as I get more information.

Remote Access Problem for Chronicle of Higher Ed and Chronicle of Philanthropy (Update: fixed)

Update (2 pm, Feb. 17, 2023): The problem detailed below has been resolved.

On the EZproxy mailing list today, I was alerted to a problem that everyone is having with remote access to the Chronicle of Philanthropy and the Chronicle of Higher Education on the publisher’s website. Off campus users, will be connected to those sites via a link going through our proxy server, will see an error message along the lines of “This web property is not accessible via this address.” The error seems to be connected to the Cloudflare service, something that has come up occasionally with databases we access that also use the Cloudflare service for content delivery.

On campus access is unaffected.

As a workaround for remote users, we do have access via other databases, but those tend to have embargoes on the last month’s content:

Access Issues for Wiley Journals (UPDATE: fixed)

UPDATE (27 February 2023) Access to journal issues from the past three years has been restored. If you encounter any further issues, please report them to


I’ve got a support ticket in with Wiley to find out why a large number of the journals we should have access to on the Wiley platform won’t let us view full text (I’ve also contacted our Wiley sales rep). The problem seems to be limited to issues from 2020 to the present. As soon as I hear back from Wiley, I’ll post another update here.

CCH IntelliConnect Is Now CCH AnswerConnect

As of this month, we’ve been moved over from the IntelliConnect platform to the AnswerConnect platform. I’ve updated the name of the database in the LibGuides database asset, so if you’ve got a link to “CCH IntelliConnect” on one of your research guides, it should now be displaying as “CCH AnswerConnect.” If you’ve typed in “IntelliConnect” somewhere on your research guides (as a page or box title or in a block of text), you may want to update that to “AnswerConnect.”

User Accounts That Say No Remote Access

If a student or faculty member sees this error message when trying to remotely connect to library resources, please always refer them directly to the BCTC Help Desk or SPS Help Desk:

EZproxy error message saying that "this account doesn't include remote access to library services"

This is the only remote access error page that has this yellow box on it and that has this unique message:

ERROR: This account doesn’t include remote access to library services from off-campus. Please contact your respective department below if you have any questions.

The user should be instructed to contact the BCTC Help Desk or SPS Help Desk and make sure that they clearly communicate that they are seeing this specific error message (this is essential to solving this problem). The user should be encouraged to share a screenshot of that error page or to copy the text of the unique message on it. The BCTC Help Desk or CUNY SPS Help Desk staff will then in turn reach out to the CUNY CIS help desk for help with this, as this is an issue that needs to be fixed in the CUNYfirst system.

In theory, this error message is one that is only supposed to appear when someone has a CUNY Login but no remote access to library databases (such as an alumni), but it seems that the systems that manage identities in the CUNYfirst system can get out of sync, and students who should have access will sometimes see this message.

If you’re not sure how to handle these situations, feel free to send an email to (which Mike, Florencia, and I all monitor).