LibGuides Is Back Up

25 09 2017

The outage in LibGuides from earlier this afternoon has been fixed by the vendor (Springshare).

LibGuides Is Down

25 09 2017

Springshare has confirmed on their Twitter account that there is a system-wide problem. We are unable to access:

The Twitter account for Springshare is posting updates (as per usual) for this outage.

Google Scholar Blog

20 09 2017

Finding out how Google Scholar works is a bit tricky, as Google is loathe to release too many details about how the service works. One window in to the inner workings can be found by looking at the posts on the Google Scholar Blog, the official blog from Google about the service. Some notable posts from the past year include:

If you direct students and faculty to Google Scholar, please make sure you tell them to use the link to it on our A-Z databases page. Our link is customized so that it automatically does the “Library links” settings in Google Scholar to indicate the searcher is from Baruch, which then ensures that a “Find Full Text at Baruch” link appears next to article that we have access to.

Updates to OneSearch

12 09 2017

Allie Verbovetskaya at the CUNY Office of Library Services (she’s the University Web and Mobile Systems Librarian) shared with the Public Services Committee a list of recent updates to the OneSearch system that we should all be aware of:

On Sunday, August 27, 2017, our instance of OneSearch was updated to the latest service pack release of the underlying discovery software. This was a major update and includes many new or updated features:

  • Email Security Improvements
  • Sticky Facets
  • Multiple Facet Selection
  • Sort in “My Saved Items”
  • Featured Results
  • Support of RSS Feeds
  • Personalized Results
  • Search Expansion with Controlled Vocabulary
  • Resource Recommender

You can read more about these features on the “What’s New @ OLS57” blog:

If you have any questions about these updates, feel free to ask me about them.

Rescheduled Downtime for Simmons OneView Is September 22-24

11 09 2017

The date that Simmons OneView had announced recently for downtime has changed. It is no longer September 15-17. Instead, it will be from 9:00 PM ET on Friday, September 22 until 11:59 PM ET on Sunday, September 24.

Users Unable to Log in to Catalog or OneSearch [UPDATED]

6 09 2017

The sign in feature in the catalog and OneSearch aren’t working right now. If you try to use it, you get this error message:

ID or verification field don´t match the system records.

I have submitted a help request to the CUNY Office of Library Services.

UPDATE 1:43 pm. This problem is now fixed.

LibGuides Are Back Online

6 09 2017

The outage for LibGuides reported yesterday late in the afternoon ended early in the evening. All LibGuides (including our A-Z databases page and e-reserves system) are available again.

For future reference, the link to the backup spreadsheet of databases (and their URLs) can be found in the “Databases Overview” page in the Library Services wiki.

LibGuides Down (including A-Z databases page and e-reseves) UPDATED 6 Sept 2017

5 09 2017

The vendor for LibGuides, Springshare, is aware of the outage affecting US libraries. All our guides are inaccessible, including the e-reserves system and the A-Z databases page.

As an alternative for database access, please use this list from Feb. 2017 of databases and links:

For status updates on the LibGuides outage, see the vendor’s Twitter account @springshare.

UPDATE 6 September 2017: All LibGuides came back online later in the evening of September 5.

Library and College Website Down Briefly on September 1

31 08 2017

On Friday, September 1, from 8:00 am – 8:30 am the Baruch College, MSPIA. and Weissman websites will be unavailable due to required maintenance. This includes the library website.

The LibGuides system will be unaffected, which means users can get to library databases, the catalog, and OneSearch (links to OneSearch and the catalog can be found on the databases list).

Slow or No Performance in the E-Journal Portal

31 08 2017

Yesterday, we saw the return of a recurring problem with the e-journal portal. Searches took forever or sometimes failed to go through at all. This morning, the system seems to be fine again. The vendor (Serials Solutions) emailed customers yesterday to let us know that they were aware of the intermittent problems over the past 9 months and are still working to permanently fix them.

In case this problem crops up again, we can use a newly developed e-journal tool from SFX that works the same way. This tool is something that the SFX Committee at CUNY is going to be looking at and exploring (is the knowledgebase behind it as accurate and user friendly as the one from Serials Solutions? can the interface be customized as much as the Serials Solutions one? etc.). It is not a replacement, just a back up tool we can use when the Serials Solutions e-journal portal is acting up.