New Feature Adds Table of Contents Display to Serials Solutions

Using the API from Browzine, we were able to customize the Serials Solutions e-journal portal so that search results will display links to tables of contents for scholarly journals.

Example: search results page for American Quarterly

Search results page

Example: table of contents display in Browzine for American Quarterly

Sample table of contents in Browzine


  • Browzine only provides tables of contents for scholarly journals (and not every single one).
  • Browzine does not provide tables of contents for magazines (including Harvard Business Review)
  • The tables of content available usually go back to 2005; if you need older issues, the “All” link on the Browzine page for the journal will take you back to the Serials Solutions page for the journal so you can navigate into a landing page in a database to browse issues there.

In the coming months, we’ll explore integration of the Browzine elsewhere in our systems.