ISBNs for Baruch College Publications

18 05 2017

I’ve added a new entry in the Library Services wiki about who to contact if we get any questions related to the minting of new ISBNs for Baruch College publications.

Statistical Consulting Laboratory

14 11 2013

In this week’s newsletter from the college, there was an interesting announcement about a “Statistical Consulting Laboratory” that faculty and Ph.D. students can go to for help:

The Statistical Consulting Lab is open from Monday through Thursday at the Newman Vertical Campus, Room 11-170. Professor Shula Gross and statistics graduate student Jing Shuai offer statistical support for faculty and their PhD students’ research. The support ranges from discussing possible analytic venues, to alternative analyses when the one already tried failed to highlight aspects of the data you deem important. The lab also offers nine computers for use. Jing offers programming support in data editing and analysis in Excel, SPSS, SAS and R, as well as some STATA. For more information contact Professor Gross at or call (646) 312-3434.