Adapters available at the Laptop Desk

14 09 2017

The laptop desk now loans laptop adapters for students who have their laptop but forgot their adapter.  These are available for 2 hour loans.

We have adapters for Mac Air, Macbook Pro and Dell Latitude laptops.

Bose noise-cancelling headphones – now available for loan at the Circulation Desk

6 07 2017

Hi all,

Starting today, we will be loaning Bose noise-cancelling headphones from the circulation desk.  These will be same-day loans, due back 10 min before the desk closes.

We can offer them to students looking for headphones but I think it’s also a good idea to offer them to folks who are looking for a quiet study space but aren’t a part of a group.

If you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks, Jeff

Baruch Students and Faculty Can Activate Library Accounts at Any CUNY Campus

4 02 2015

This is news to me: students and faculty at Baruch can activate their library accounts at any CUNY campus library, not just ours. For years, I’d always thought it could only be done here, but apparently I’ve had that wrong. Monique Prince has told me that in fact students and faculty from any CUNY campus can activate their library accounts at any CUNY campus.

Laptops at Circ Desk for Friday, May 6th

6 05 2011

Due to being short-staffed today (Friday, May 6th), students will  need to visit the Circulation-Reserve Desk to borrow and return laptops. Please do not direct them to the 3rd floor Laptop Loan Desk. Circulation has posted a sign on the Laptop Loan gate to notify students of this, as well.