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Spring 2017

Annotated Bibliography – Exploration Task #2 – Persian Food, Jewish Food, Israeli Food, and more Hummus – Ariel Lavian

Annotated Bibliography – 5 cookbooks – 2 websites Moreh, Ester. Iranian Kosher Recipes. Great Neck, New York: Hadassah, 1998. Print. This Iranian cookbook has a wide variety of recipes for all different types of food. If an American man were… Continue Reading →

Exploration Task 2, Bibliography

Bibliography: Irish Pub Cooking. Bath UK: Love Food, 2010. Print. This cookbook is broken down by Appetizers & Snacks, Entrees, Vegetables & Sides, and Desserts & Drinks. The book also includes an introduction and index for more clarification. I have… Continue Reading →

The Nigerian Staple: Pounding Yam into “Iyan”

Vietnamese Banh Mi


Uzbek Plov

From China to Chinatown:The Journey of La mian

Ukraine, Varenyky, Weiss

Persian Food, Israeli Food, Hummus and more Hummus!

This is a short movie I put together based on my interview with David Sarraf, a friend who comes from both a Persian and Iranian background. David tells me in detail about his parents’ history, his multicultural background consisting of both Persian food AND… Continue Reading →

ZongZi Throughout History

My Journey for Pasticio

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