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Spring 2017


Reading Questions

Women, Immigration & Culinary History – Snow Day Discussion

Please discuss your “favorite” of the 3 readings, and talk about why – highlight some of the specific ideas & perspectives presented in the article(s) so that we can talk about them. (Try to refer to exact references, so we… Continue Reading →

Jamaica’s Curious Relationship with Food – teaches history, storytelling and respect

Today we screened Life & Debt. I felt the need to divert from discussing the assigned readings for this week (at least in the classroom), in order to address some of the remarks and writings from last week’s readings/discussions. I… Continue Reading →

Food History Projects

Here is a list of History Projects (as I have received them). I would like for you to post: Resources that you find helpful/interesting/potentially useful for your own work (and for other topics listed). Updates/Questions on your history project work…. Continue Reading →

1. Food: Diaspora, Authenticity & Women’s Work

In class this past Friday, we began our discussion about food’s authenticity. We had some back and forth about Gladys (the Caribbean restaurant in Brooklyn) having the voice of 2 white males in representation while being born out of the history… Continue Reading →

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