Analysis of an Image

This image shows a boy is looking at a home as waiting to go home in a desperate way. He seems to sit and wonder about his home. The little boy is similar to Phatik in the way that the title of the story is ‘The Homecoming’. Let’s clarify and make a connection between the image and Phatik’s story. First, the first homecoming for him is when he injured his younger brother in a river and ran to their mother to complain about it. As he knows that his mother always sides with Makhan, he will receive an unfair punishment, so he does not want to go home and delays his returning. Second, his uncle offers his mother to take him to Calcutta, which will adopt him as a child: offering him an education and living with his cousins. Therefore, he has another chance to go home and he is very excited. After arriving in Calcutta, he realizes that this is another disappointment because his aunt dislikes him; even though many attempts are made to make her happy, she still insists that she does not want him. That is why he decides to leave his uncle’s home for his real home with his mother. He asks his uncle whether he can go home, his uncle says, “Wait till the holidays come”. However, he chooses to run away, anyway he is brought back by police officers, this is his third homecoming. Later on, he is ill from his escape; he is in a very critical condition. He waits for his mother, and eventually she comes and he says “Mother, the holidays have come”. I think this means he meets his mother he no longer waits her because he knows he will go home soon. This is how the image relates to the story of The Homecoming, the boy sitting by the window looks at the home, it resembles when Phatik waits to go home.

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