Analysis of a Connection

As far as I read this story, I think there is a contrast in ‘Appendix’. In the passage of “When my father was twenty-five years old, he married a pretty textile worker, and in their second year of marriage she gave him a son, my older brother, and two years later, she had another son, who was me”, the first difference is in the beginning of “Appendix” they seem to have a nice and warm family, which indicates a happy start of the story. In addition, it sounds they have two good sons. Whereas, in the beginning of ‘The Homecoming’, the story does not start very well; Phatik has only mother and his younger sons as a family, and he himself is a nuisance and as disobedient boy while Meghan is good as gold. So the mother has a prejudice against Phatik and loves Meghan more than him or does not show much her affection with him.

Later on, the story begins to change, it is when he brags that he can carry out an appendix operation by himself and both of their children deeply trust him. One day his father’s appendix is inflamed, their children instead of bringing the doctor home they take a surgical kit because they hope his father will prove that he can do operation on himself. Nevertheless, his appendix is perforated and he only blame their children and says “People think that you have given me two sons, but in fact all they are is appendixes. Ordinarily they are of no use whatsoever, and when things are at a critical point they are practically the death of you.”. This is a sad ending in this story, whereas in ‘The Homecoming’, in the end Phatik’s mother shows him affection in a long time, calling him her darling and throwing herself onto his bed as in the text “Phatik’s mother burst into the room, like a whirlwind, and began to toss from side to side and moan and cry in a loud voice”.

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