Analysis of a Passage

Later in the day Phatik’s mother burst into the room, like a whirlwind, and began to toss from side to side and moan and cry in a loud voice.
Bishamber tried to calm her agitation, but she flung herself on the bed, and cried: “Phatik, my darling, my darling.”
Phatik stopped his restless movements for a moment. His hands ceased beating up and down. He said: “Eh?”
The mother cried again: “Phatik, my darling, my darling.”
Phatik very slowly turned his head and without seeing anybody said: “Mother, the holidays have come.”

The theme of this story, as indicated in the title, is “The Homecoming”. After a long separation of a mother and a child, the first sentence shows how much they are missing each other or they care each other and eventually prove that the relationship between the mother and child is tied so strong which can never be apart. Phatik’s mother loves him, despite from her aspects he is annoying, disobedient, lazy and wild. Even though she lets his brother take his son to Calcutta, this is due to not loving him but trying to separate him from his younger brother avoiding any harms by Phatik. This can be known in ‘Phatik’s mother burst into the room, like a whirlwind, and began to toss form side to side and moan and cry in a loud voice’, when she knows that his son is heavily sick and miss her so much she immediately goes to Calcutta to visit him. When she burst into the room like a whirlwind, it implies the affection of her gives her a great amount of energy which gets into the room like a storm very fast and directly to Phatik. Then, I can feel the love of the mother because when she is with him she burst into tears and keeping calling him ‘Darling, my darling’. When Phatik says “Mother, the holidays have come”, it is the climax and the theme of this story because once he moves to Calcutta he has a very bad experience with his aunt and the new home is not like what he thought, so he tries make an excuse with his uncle to go back home by asking for a vacation. Saying the holidays have come means he will go back home and live with his mother as he would never think of leaving her again.

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