Reality TV: Good or Bad?


VH1 is a cable network that is supposedly known as the home of reality TV. However when you tune in you see mothers and wives fighting as if they were in middle school.

Is this reality or is it scripted acting ?

One of the shows on VH1 is Love & Hip Hop New York . It is about a group of females and males who have either made it in the music industry or trying to make it .

The cast ranges from music producer to rap artist to managers. This show can be considered bad for the black community and the music industry .

However this show helps uplift the females who are actually about their business and making money. The latest season shows the release of one of New York’s own, Remy Ma . Although she was incarcerated she is still portrayed as a money maker, mother and wife.

Another person who is dealing with the court system, however indirectly, is a newbie to reality television, MariahLynn . She is an upcoming artist who is forced to choose between her music career and bailing her pregnant mother out of jail for shoplifting .

Love & Hip Hop New York can be considered an uplifting yet character breaking show due the fact that you look at these women and men in different ways then you would have before this show aired.

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