A Woman’s Line of Code

Jennifer Gomez, an aspiring sophomore at Manhattan Village Academy who is learning computer coding plans a promising, yet challenging future in the men-dominated field of technology.

As technology becomes more prevalent in society, many aspiring young people are trying to make it a career path. Phones, computers and televisions use a variety of software. With newer technology, more people are taking on the challenge. Most of them are men.

Gomez and her family members were born in Lima, Peru. Her experience in Peru was drastically different than her life in the United States. “It’s really different from the United States, most of my family lived there and people are more friendly,” Gomez said. She moved to the United States with her parents at the age of 7.

She now resides in Queens, switching between living with her father and mother because they are divorced. The divorce does not prevent her from spending time with her parents. And through this, she was able to set a good example for her brother to spend quality time with both parents.

Gomez took coding classes on “Girls Who Code” during the summer. The summer course allowed her to be more creative and analytical in computer programming. This short session inspired her to be more like the founder of “Girls Who Code,” Reshma Saujani.

Her path proves difficult and time-consuming. However, she plans to persevere to the end.

She wants to spread awareness for women to be more involved in a men-dominated field. She hope that one day she will be able to influence and empower women to be confident and break the social norm of conventional women’s occupations.



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