Seniors Anxiously Waiting for College Letters

March is considered an  important month for many high school seniors at E.B.C High School in Bushwick who are now receiving letters from colleges they applied to early in the school year. One by one students are posting their acceptance letters on the school’s college bulletin board.

For many seniors, college is quickly approaching and high school days will be over. Seniors at E.B.C have been applying to many colleges since the start of the school year, and March has been the month that seniors have been longing for.

“I’m kind of happy to be leaving E.B.C only because I need to see a different world than high school, but I’m also sad because I have made a lot of friends at this schools and meet teachers who were there to help me when I needed academic help or guidance,” says Giselle Flores, a senior.

“I have worked hard to earn the best grades these past four years and I am so excited that my dedication has earned me a spot to attend Columbia University,” says Janine Bautista.

While many are excited to hear good news from colleges, others are not hearing the best news from their dream schools.

“ I applied to N.Y.U only to hear that I was not accepted. It was one of the first colleges that I was very excited to apply for,”  says Michael Rodriguez.

Many students are already in college spirit since receiving letters and planning to take a few trips on the weekend to see the schools they soon will be attending.


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