Is Urban Music Dead

“It was all a dream I used to read Word Up magazine salt’n’peppa and Heavy D up in the  limousine” Notorious B.I.G

The ’90s was a remarkable year for all urban music. Now Urban music struggles to stay alive, with very few MCs who bring that ’90s flow back to life.

In the ’90s, music was driven by passion of it and not just the money. Artist  like 2 Pac, Dru HIll, MS. Lauryn Hill,Erykah Badu and many other artist spent time to create quality work.

Now senseless artists come into the urban music world and don’t  uphold the standards. Artists are now unrecognizable on their tracks and only the beat carries them through.

These artists have no substance when it comes to music anymore. Many of these so called MCs rap/sing about money and females in a rather degrading way.

While urban music is constantly being torn down few MC struggle to keep it alive. J.Cole and Joey Bada$$ are two of the few artist who still bring that flare of 90s music.

Bring back the root of our Urban music.

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