High School of Health Professions Holds Election

On May, 6, 2016, High School for Health Professions and Human Services held their annual school election.

The high school, located in downtown Manhattan,  prepared for this huge assembly weeks in advance. The candidates running for the president election practiced their speeches and advertised their campaigns all over school.

“There are posters everywhere! I’ve seen them in the locker rooms, hallways, lunchroom and even the bathrooms!” says a freshman in this high school. By using posters and creating online videos, the candidates spread the news about the election like wildfire.

When the day finally came, all the students gathered into the auditorium to make their decisions. Junior Christiny Celestinwas the first student to take on the stage. She showed the audience her video on the changes  she plans to make at the school and the crowd went wild. “WE WANT CHANGE, WE WANT CHANGE!” chanted the students. Christiny’s video included her ideas on creating more school trips and dances, more  exciting classes and better school lunch.

Her opponent, Mohammad Rahman, took the stage afterward. He recited his speech and talked about creating more school clubs and less homework. Mohammad says, “Who here has always wanted to join a club, but never has because the ones at school are lame? I can help change that, vote for me and there will be better after school activities.”  

After the assembly came to a close, the audience came to a decision. The winner of the annual Health Professions High School election was Christiny Celestin. Her classmate cheered for joy as she claimed her spot as president of class of 2017.

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