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ice-cream-966597_960_720“Ice cream is a beautiful thing,” said HuiQi Pan from the journalism class of the Baruch College Now summer program. What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word summer? Ice cream, of course! New York City is seeing a new trend in ice cream this summer: Thailand style rolled ice creams.

"Strawberry Shawty" on 10Below, Mott st.
“Strawberry Shawty” on 10Below, Mott st, NY.

Also known as stir-fried ice cream, they are commonly made in Thailand.

This trend started the summer of 2015 when 10Below stepped onto the streets of Chinatown. Now many stores like this have started to grow with this new trend such as: Juicy Spot, I CE NY, and many more.

Thailand style rolled ice cream is getting popular, but how? Many people say it taste like regular ice cream; it all tastes the same. But what makes rolled ice cream so unique and popular is how creative it is making it and the fascinating outcome.

The ice cream is made on a cold metal plate. The staff puts the base along with any ingredients that you choose for your ice cream on the plate. They start to beat it with metal paddles and make it flat so they can roll it up and place it on a cup ready for you.

Many people record this mesmerizing process and share this exciting experience with their friends and family. Another student from the journalism class, Jailene Rodriguez, said “It’s a cool process.”

"Create your own ice cream" on Penguin Ice Cream, Hester st, NY.
“Create your own ice cream” on Penguin Ice Cream, Hester st, NY.

You can create your own rolled ice cream, most stores have the same ways:

1. Choose a base. (Original, green tea, chocolate, etc.)

2.Choose a flavor. (Banana, strawberry, dragon fruit, oreo, coffee, etc.)

3. Choose toppings. (Crackers, sprinklers, banana, strawberry, etc.)

4.Choose a drizzle. (Caramel, chocolate, whipped cream, nutella, etc.)

Or you can just get the ice creams they have for you. The rolled ice cream costs around $6 to $7 depending on what place you go.

Plenty of other students in the journalism class of the Baruch College Now summer program said that they have tasted the ice cream and it was a fun experience but not many of them had the chance to have it yet they would like to try it one day.

“I think rolled ice cream is overrated. It’s just like normal ice cream,” said Cody Liew, a student. He and many other students think rolled ice cream is just like regular ice cream but the reason that it’s so popular is it’s something that many New Yorkers and tourists from around the world haven’t witnessed.

Have a sweet bite of this ice cream and stay cool for the rest of the summer!

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