Summer Time, More Like Work Time

    Summer time is usually the time for fun and games, but for many students it is time of rigorous hard work. Carlos Lossa, Cynthia Mojica and Adrien Cohen are upcoming seniors at Quest To Learn, who are working for the first time this summer.

    Carlos Lossa who has been working at McDonalds since late May. “I’m only going to work for the remainder of the summer because I have to focus on my senior year” he said. “When I was working, it didn’t have an effect on my school work because I had passed all my finals and regents in June”, he said “I’ve always been an average student, nothing more, nothing less”, he added.

    Cynthia Mojica who has been working at a cafe on Wall Street as a cashier since mid June. “Til summer’s over, so when school starts I’m out,” she said. Cynthia was picked to attend the College Now program but she simply said, “I had no interest in joining”. “Takeaways: Work doesn’t equal school, which is kind of obvious but for me I like taking a day off once in awhile to cool my head or something but nope, work doesn’t let you do that. It’s exhausting but pretty worth it once you get your paycheck”, she said. “Work makes you appreciate the days you have off”, she said, “I guess it just depends on where you work” she concluded.

    Adrien Cohen who has been a bus boy at Sunset Beach. “I’m quitting for the school year because I gotta focus on school, and it shuts down in the fall anyway,” he said. “And it helps in a lot of ways, you get great people skills, you learn how to interact with people”, he said. “You have a respect for the people serving you, you have a respect for life”, he concluded.

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