Changing New York

New York City, also known as the Big Apple ,is known for many things such as skyscrapers, monumental places, and good schools. But there is also many negative things in New York such as homeless people lying on the sidewalk, subways and park benches.

When hearing New York, there are things we can do to change it to make it better, such as reducing the amount of homeless people. We can do this by making the shelters safer. The reason some people do not go into shelters is because they are overcrowded. Sometimes in shelters some of the homeless people sell and do drugs, can rob you and sometimes they rape you. In an interview with David Pirtle (a man who was once a homeless person) he states, “You know, I had my shoes stolen, just like people said you get your shoes stolen. I think this is more generally the case with people, is that you hear a lot of terrible things about shelters, that shelters are dangerous places, that they’re full of drugs and drug dealers, that people will steal your shoes, and there are bedbugs and body lice”. Most homeless people prefer the streets over the homeless shelter because shelters are so dangerous and also because they know that their belongings won’t get stolen by people.

They also live on the street because in the shelters there are different things such as bed bugs, lice and a whole bunch of diseases. An article called “10 Reasons Homeless People Sleep Out in the Cold – and Die” by Piper Hoffman, it states,“as if homelessness didn’t cause enough physical discomfort (hunger, untreated pain from medical conditions, often being dirty, carrying all of one’s belongings), shelters often add a couple, like bed bugs and body-lice, which are inevitable when a different homeless person sleeps in a bed each night”.


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