Fitness Regimen of the Olympians


Have you ever watched the Olympics and wonder how so many olympic athletes are so healthy 

Athletes are trained almost everyday to keep their strong and healthy body on fit. By exercising, athletes force themselves to eat healthy, warm ups in the morning and also find a way to enjoy exercise and also win during the olympics.

“As an athlete, I do enjoy exercising by challenging myself to run faster everyday” says Coumba Bass, a squash player in Manhattan . Athletes sometimes challenge themselves to have more confidence in keeping fit.

Athletes work on building muscles and improving aerobic conditioning many months before their season starts so as not to interfere with their sport-specific fitness and conditioning needs” according to

Most of the time during off seasons, olympic athletes exercise to reduce stress. “before the start of a season, athletes use about half their maximum weight or resistance levels and perform more reps on an exercise to build muscular endurance” says

“When I exercise I don’t pay attention to anything that had made me stress or get mad,because exercising makes me have confident in myself I love staying fit because then I don’t have to worry about my body weight” says Ndeye Bass, also a squash player in Manhattan.

“I never skip leg day,but i never do cardio and i should do cardio because cardio is good for me” says Ali Ayoub who exercise at Blink Fitness. “If you already skip leg day then you musn’tve skip leg day and you would of been strong” argued Sam Wilby a teen who also exercise at Blink Fitness.

“The United States Olympic Committee has partnered with high-performance training centers to provide U.S. athletes with elite training facilities for their sport development.The USOC has established three Olympic Training Centers along with 17 Olympic Training Sites located in 15 states throughout the U.S. Millions of dollars were invested into these complexes to ensure athletes receive the best training in the country. Although catered toward elite athletes, these complexes are also open to the public for tours and event services” according to

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