Under the Sea with The Little Mermaid in Battery Park


Dive into the ocean with 30 huge blue, red, purple, and pink fish and prepare for the ride of your life. As you lie down on the fish you can see the colors of the fish change from the the surface of tropical beaches to the blue of the deep sea in the SeaGlass Carousel.

The SeaGlass Carousel’s one year anniversary is less than 3 weeks away and since August 20th, 2015, it has taken Battery Park by storm because of its modern and chic take on the classical Merry-Go-Round. It has had an impact on people of all ages, especially those who have who have been living in Battery Park for many years and those who often go to Battery Park.

The SeaGlass Carousel cost five dollars and not only spins around but and up and down as well. Although it is not a water ride it manages to make you feel like you are under the sea.

Ashley, a photographer who works for the SeaGlass Carousel, says that this ride is available to everyone. Ashley thinks what attracts many people to this ride is that it floats, it is colorful, and it glows in the night.

She also says that after the ride opened last year there have been more people in the park.
Melissa, a 16-year-old, who often goes to Battery Park has also seen a huge increase in people visiting there since the grand opening of the ride.

Melissa’s 10-year-old sister, Haley, thinks that what attracts so many to the SeaGlass Carousel is the fishes and design. However, 6-year-old, Valeria does not think the design was pretty she just liked the way it moved.

But one thing Melissa, Haley, Valeria and Ashley have in common is that they all believe the SeaGlass Carousel is better than the old school classic Merry-Go-Round.

Ashley stated that the SeaGlass Carousel, “Is much better because the poles are attached to the floor.” This makes the ride safer and prettier.

Haley and Melissa both think that the SeaGlass Carousel is better because, “It goes in more than one direction and has prettier designs.”

The SeaGlass Carousel took the old school Merry-Go-Round and made it into something better by taking it under the sea and modificating it.


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