Deer Infestation in Staten Island

                     The deer population has more than tripled in the last six years.


Golf View Court locals are urging the community to place deer crossing signs warning both drivers and pedestrians after a significant increase in both traffic and health safety complaints. Staten Island Live reported the deer population on the whole island, “jumped from 24 to 793 in six years.”

Members of the community have shown concern particularly towards the intersection of 4 crossing main roads which lack guard rails to separate both the golf court and the forest to the street. A resident of the neighborhood for over ten years commented, “It’s a menace. They have no natural predators so they’re multiplying so quickly.” In the last week 4 neighbors had deer sightings on the intersection.

Some residents are taking action to try to place signs in the area. Another resident, Maria Morales shares, “Even in the daytime, deer roam and it’s not the best when you have a pet. I fear for ticks and Lyme disease.”

Lyme disease, carried by deer ticks is a possible threat to both pets and their owners. Although, not all ticks carry the infection. Deer can carry a variety of illnesses however, that should be broadcasted. Including: Anaplasmosis, Avian Influenza, Babesiosis, Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD), Escherichia coli Infection (E. coli) among others according to American Veterinary Medical Association.

The city is taking action to reduce the population of the species. recently uncovered, “The city spent $2,778 for every deer vasectomy performed during the first year of the management program, according to Parks Department numbers.”  Some hunters have taken advantage of the nuisance, though it is illegal to hunt in the five boroughs. There has only been one deer poacher caught out of the already limited number of reports. DEC spokesman Sean Mahar according to SiLive said on the subject, “Poaching is a serious issue and DEC aggressively investigates any reports of illegal hunting activity.”

Raymond Lacen, another decade long resident of Golf View Court agrees with city’s tactics and states, “There needs to be some form of population control, or the issue will become something out of control.”

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