I’ll Give You The Sun

It will make you love the color orange and understand life on a deeper level.

I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson is an American young adult novel that focuses on the lives of two twins named Noah and Jude.

This book deals with serious issues that affect many teens today. It is important for people to read this novel in order to have a better understanding of what it is like to be a teenager in today’s world.

Jude enters a relationship with a boy much older than her. He pressures her into sex highlighting the debate of consent.

Many teenagers feel peer pressure and the book shows how this can affect people by showing the long term effects it had on Jude, and how she regrets losing her virginity at a young age. It also shows how even though Jude did not say no, it doesn’t mean she said yes either.

Consent is an issue that not many people are willing to speak about, but it is important because many people are uninformed. Even Yale students are chanting around campus vulgar things about consent and claiming it doesn’t exist.Many people think that consent is not needed or that you don’t need to say yes to consent, but this isn’t true.

The book also focuses on Noah’s acceptance of being gay.There are many ways Noah and Brian are discriminated against for being gay. Noah’s boyfriend was on a baseball team and suffered severe bullying because he was gay. Thus making Brian not wanting to openly admit being gay. Many people are discriminated due to sexual orientation and the book shows how even through bad experiences you should still accept who you are and not pretend to be someone you are not.

The book discusses grief and how it affects mental health. When their mother dies it affects the twins greatly causing them to bottle up who they are. While at first they do not deal with their grief in a healthy way, it is important to overcome it. If a teen reads a book where everything is perfect it will make them feel dysfunctional but if they read about overcoming past trauma even if it wasn’t handled in the best way before, it makes them feel better.

The descriptive nature of the chapters makes the reader feel like they are reading the mind of a teenager.

In conclusion it is important to read this book because it discusses and gives the reader a better understanding about many issues that are affecting a lot of people but are not discussed as much as they should be.

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