Donald Trump Refuses Invite to Speak Annual Assembly of the NAACP


       U.S president Donald Trump has rejected the invitation to attend the Annual Assembly of the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People.

       This continues Donald Trump’s cycle of ignoring issues in minority filled communities and puts Donald Trump’s interest and care for the African American community in the U.S in doubt. Leon Russell, chairman of the NAACP told associated press, “we have lost—we’ve lost the will of the current Administration to listen to issues facing the Black community.”

       The NAACP has been one of the most influential American associations focusing on civil rights. “During his campaign, President Trump asked us ‘what do you have to lose?’ This is the second time President Trump has refused an offer to speak at our annual convention. We get the message loud and clear.” Russell said in the same interview.

       Trump has gone on record calling Mexican immigrants“criminals” and “rapists,” along with his “great relationship with the blacks,” so his refusal was not a surprise to many people, “This president has shown no concern to help minorities in America. It worries me as an African American, not only that he refuses the invite but with the statements he’s had in the past and now refusing to speak at a conference of one of the biggest civil rights groups in america to help colored people and minorities.” This was the opinion of a resident of Carroll gardens on the issue. Another Interviewee was not so much worried as much as angered; “this president is idiotic, I am disappointed in the U.S for allowing such a person to become president and him refusing this invitation is yet another sign of his ignorance.


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