Rollin’ Down I-95 to the Motor Inn


As the trees whizzed by, sliding on the concrete road, I stayed at one of the best motels you can get.

Taking a road trip with my father along I-95 last summer, we stayed at a motel in roadside attraction, South of the Border, one night. South of the Border is a little known place that has a theme park, gift shops, a gas station, food places, and two motels.

When my father and I drove up to the entrance to the main lobby, we had gotten our room and proceeded to drive to the room. We parked our car, Bubba, in the very handy carport provided and went inside with our cat and dog.

Spending the night there, was truly a life-changing experience. There was a certain rustic charm that brought me back decades into a simpler time most people miss out on due to a rise in technology and human ignorance. In the middle of the night, it was so quiet and peaceful I could hear the rain go pitter-patter pitter-patter outside with the occasional engine rumble and trucker yell.

Either way, I love this motel with all my heart. Receiving about 3 stars from TripAdvisor and 3 stars as well from Yelp, it doesn’t get the credit it deserves.

A fair review from a TripAdvisor users said, “The place is out of a different era. It was a little bit rundown, but clean. The indoor pool was nice. All of that and the price it was good.” The user gave it four stars, staying there within the last month.

However, a Yelper would disagree stating, “Very old and outdated rooms. Uncomfortable beds and towel racks that are rusted on the wall. This place is so old that it looks dirtier than it is.” with a rating of two stars.
I guess it all depends on what type of person you are and where you stay. Either way, whenever I’m going down I-95 I will be sure to stay of SotB (South of the Border) Motor Inn anytime.motor inn

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