How Public Facilities Could Help Fathers

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“I just want to change my daughter’s diapers.”

This is what a father said after he found out there was no place in the male restroom to change his daughters diapers.

Recently, Mr. Gu took his family to the mall to shop. While his wife was changing clothes, Mr. Gu found out that his daughter needed a diaper change only to find out that the male restroom did not have a changing table for the baby. Mr. Gu asked a staff member where he could change his baby’s diapers. They told him that there is a room for mothers and infants on 1st floor. Mr. Gu went to the 1st floor and was unable to go into that room. “I just want to change my daughter’s diapers,” said Mr. Gu, “why is there not a changing table in male restroom? Can’t a father change his child’s diapers?”

In ancient times, women had no power, all they did was take care of families. Now, with developing technology and the spread of knowledge, the idea that women are the only ones who have to take care of the kids is weaker than ever before in America. Many fathers are willing to share the work of taking care of the next generation.

“I usually wake up at night to look after my son, because my wife had taken care of him all day, I think it is fair enough for me to just watch him at night.” said Mr. Lin, a father of a three month baby.

However, most fathers feel that it is inconvenient to carry a baby in a public place just by themselves. “I had never tried to take my boy outside by myself. Because I feel like it is not gonna be easy…there is specific room for mothers to watch the baby, but no room for fathers, and when the baby need to change the diapers, it really gives me a big trouble…” said Mr. Lee.

On the other hand, many people think that men can’t take care of children well because “men are careless”. However, Mr. Lin said, “it is not about who can do it well, it is about how we take on the responsibilities. Taking care of a family isn’t one person’s responsibility, it requires the effort from both father and mother.”


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