‘Baruchians’ Fight Back Against the System

“Between the new curriculum, exchange trips, dress code, an entire year of ap calculus gone to waste, allowing discriminatory teachers to teach our classes, completely disregarding the arts programs, and so on, we are pretty upset!” a Baruch junior stated.

With the loss of art programs, international exchange trips and funding for several outstanding teachers, Baruch College Campus High School students finally have enough. The demanding outcry for change within the community has grown in numbers over the past couple of months.

Several juniors have been put through unexpected changes within their assigned classes such as Eunjoo Jung, a rising senior. “I know a lot of people are being upset with being forced into AP’s or not having a chance at an AP they’d like to be in,” he said.

Numerous issues emerge as many complaints by students have been sent to the authorities. However, student representatives have noted that many of these problems have gone unnoticed.

Although student schedules cannot change, programs such as the arts, band, drama and much more have been cut.  One student noted, “It’s true that nothing can be changed anymore with the curriculum next year however it is our responsibility to take back student-elective classes.”

Even though some students feel the need to “protest” so that their voices can be heard, others may disagree. It was agreed that schedules were changed to comply with the AP classes in one’s schedule. A junior of the Baruch community said, “The new curriculum wasn’t changed to satisfy all 410 students. It was built because there were so many complaints about having school period 0 and 9 and how students were getting random freezes in their schedule.” Protesting would lead to the conflict being, “stretched out to more than it really is” creating more problems and fewer solutions.

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