Momix Dancer-Illusionists Blow New York Audience Away

Momix dancers received a standing ovation as their show came to an end July 12 at the Joyce Theater as the dancers stood there with sweat dripping down their faces,

The audience clapped with enthusiasm rewarding the dancers for their impressive performance. All the clapping recognized the infinite amount of hard work the dancers had to put in toward performing well.

The Momix company was created 37 years ago and has been traveling the world showing off its skills ever since. The founder and artistic director is Moses Pendleton.

He has been managing dancers and their shows all over the world for about 40 years including the Opening Ceremonies for the 2014 Sochi Olympics. Now, people line up in front of the theater in Chelsea waiting anxiously to see his artistic creation.

The company considers itself to harbor a new type of dancing known commonly as dancing-illusionism. As they’re performing there is a strange type of music playing in the background.

At this specific show, named “Opus Cactus”, the music was of a Middle Eastern and Indian style but it had no words. All the music consisted of was instrumental sounds and vibrations.

It is almost impossible to describe the crazy movements that go on upon that stage.The dancers pretend to be animals and then the curtain closes. When the curtain reopens the dancers are swinging from ropes all over the stage with a huge skull moving around behind them. The stage glows with dim lights and the muscular performers move the audience using only their bodies and their imaginations.


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