Libraries Are Important

By: Oniken J. Pereira


The New York Public libraries are an essential cause. People read books there, and borrow books and movies. Right now libraries are in need of support from patrons of the library branches around the city. The library sends out emails to library card holders that have started their membership, rented with them, or accessed the internet with them using a library card. They are asking to donate to $75,000 for their new English language programs and workbooks, which is a helpful benefit to people who want to learn over the summer.

Libraries are important in communities and neighborhoods. Once you have a book that you want to read and need to study from, libraries will have it for you. Different libraries are sending emails to notify members that they need help coming from us by donating to raise enough money to keep their service going, as well as add some new activities like helping people use technology, providing computers in the library as well as teaching English to non-English speakers. Another email was sent out to members so they can send out a letter to the mayor about how a library can change everybody and how important it is to have them.

Mayor Bill De Blasio then received those letters and wrote an email back to the letter’s sender:

“Thank you for writing to me about New York City’s libraries and the important role they play in your life and in your community. No matter what borough you call home, one of our three outstanding library systems is available to provide a variety of critical support and vital services that can help New Yorkers succeed in school, in their careers, and far beyond. My administration understands just how essential libraries are to people of all ages, and that’s why this year, in partnership with the City Council, $60 million was added to the library’s capital budget for projects that will ensure our libraries can continue to improve their facilities, along with an additional $35 million to support branch-specific needs. This brings my administration’s investment in capital improvements within all three of our library systems to $530 million.”

Jennifer Panicali is the organizer for the donation emails from libraries calling to all members of the NYPL to give them support through the donation, in which you can select what amount to donate and they will give you a gift in return. The possibilities of the gifts would be: library book bags with a color change pencil or a free book of your choice to take with you.

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