Why Choosing The Right College Is Important

By Nathaly Angamarca August 12 at 10:08 am


Every year at the start of school, high school seniors begin the challenging and stressful process of college picking. Attending college is the next big step after graduating high school, but can picking the right college affect your career job possibilities in the future?

“You might think that junior year is hard, but let me tell you this, senior year is even more,”James said as he was shuffling his last year’s college acceptance letters.

When some student do their college search they focus on the four major things; location, population, price and there career major while others focus on the name and the history of the school.

Ivy league schools are some of the oldest schools located on the east coast of the United States. All eight have gained a good reputation over the centuries and also a prominent status. Although these schools are very pricey, their background history and famous alumni like President John F. Kennedy and Michelle Obama builds up the schools status.


If a Harvard graduate and a BMCC[ Borough of Manhattan Community College] graduate student applies to the same job position there is a bigger possibility that the student who attended a prestige school would get the job. Not just that according the the website nerdwallet.com salary statistics shows that a graduate student who attended a private school gains 10,000 dollars a year more than of a student who attended a public university.

Only 50 percent of the students who graduated from a public university were able to find an employment right after college and 24 percent continued their studies in a graduate school. If a student graduates from a private school 59 percent of the graduating class were able to find a job and 36 percent attended graduate school.

Getting into private school or a prestigious school can be even more harder than getting into a community college. Acceptance rate run from 3 percent to 24 percent. The University of Pennsylvania acceptance rate has lowered these past years, making it not impossible but harder to get in.


Joshua Anderson, a former student from York college said “I remember once I graduated from York college it probably took me like 4-5 months to find a job on the major I studied in college, while one of my friend’s brother who attended Cornell University was able to find a job in less than a month.”

Doing well in high school is very important. This means that maintaining a high GPA and being involved in after school activities or outside of school can help you stand out out of the other applicants. When the time comes to choosing colleges go for the colleges you know you will get in, But always keep in mind the school’s history and its value, it may or may not help you now but it could definitely impact you in the future.



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