Pineapple on Pizza or Not?


The Hawaiian pizza, which is topped with pieces of pineapple, has been the topic of internet debates for many pizza lovers: should pizza have pineapples as toppings.

Some argue that putting pineapples on pizza doesn’t make a traditional Italian pizza. But who’s to say trying something new is the worst thing ever?  In this generation, we are introduced to new things everyday, such as the taco pizza from Tony Boloney’s Pizzeria and the bacon wrapped donut from the Nickel Diner. What’s so wrong about a sweet and salty delight?

The Hawaiian pizza creates a perfect balance for those who want both. Hawaiian pizza is one of my favorites, here’s more reasons why pineapple should be on pizza.

For those who try to find a healthy balance in what they eat, pineapple is a tremendous source of Vitamin C, potassium and fiber. These vitamins and minerals benefit your overall healthy. So why hate on a pizza that can give the best of both worlds?

“Pineapple on pizza is good, you guys don’t like that?” Justin Bieber said while a guest on the Jay Leno Show in 2011. If the Biebs like it, so should you!

If you’ve ever experienced the joy of a sweet and salty snack, you’ll love this match made in heaven. Pineapples are sweet, tangy and juicy. What’s not to love?

The idea of combining fruit and meat is in no sense new. It’s also delicious. Have you ever had ham and pineapple at Thanksgiving or Christmas? It’s just like the Canadian Pizza. Pieces of smoked ham and pineapples could make anyone start mouth-watering.

On the contrary, some people argue that the sweetness of pineapple is a bad fit for the general taste of the pizza, but that’s the thing. The taste in unusual. Which is a good way of changing something you are used too.

When hearing about Pineapple pizza for the first time, I was quick to drag out the “Ewww” without even tasting it. But boy was I wrong!

Now its pineapple on pizza all day every day.

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