The Rocks of Baruch

“If it’s too loud, you’re too old,” Sasha said.

Alexander Didkovsky (aka. Sasha) is the president of the Club of Rock. The Club of Rock is a club where people get to play the music they love, especially rock music. Rock music is often loud music.

The club will put on a performance at Baruch College Campus High School on May 13. It is preparing for the performance by rehearsing and practicing every Friday.

“Everybody in the world should come to it because these kids have been working really, really hard, and I am really proud of them,” Sasha said.

This club was created 4 years ago. Sasha didn’t create this club. He joined freshman year. Yet, before Sasha left for summer break that year, the co-teacher of the club, Mr. Records, told him that he was going to be the president of the club.

In the first year, the club was a bit shaky. However, Sasha acted as a leader and took control.

“It forced me to rise to the occasion and take control of something that I cared about. So the leadership role and the independence skills, self dependence is something I learned and am keeping for my future use,” Sasha said.

This club teaches how to take on a leadership role. Also, it teaches people to play the music and instrument they like.

Benjamin, a member of the Club of Rock, said, “I didn’t know how to play the guitar before joining this club. Now I do.”

Sasha cared about this club because it lets people express themselves musically.

“I noticed that there wasn’t any place for people to express themselves musically, especially not for rock music. The goal of the club was that kids could bring in songs and bands that they like and learn to play the music they love. There are a lot of schools that have classical orchestra, and they learn Mozart and Bach. That’s great, but that’s not what inspires people in Baruch. They are interested in rock, so I want to get them that,” Sasha explained.

“I joined for fun. Practice. To play music. I joined to do what I enjoyed,” Benjamin said.

“People get to have fun. It’s like one of the few communities that I have been apart of that I feel that everybody is just joking around with each other and there are no tensions. There’s nobody ragging on it. If there are any insults thrown around, everyone knows it’s a joke. One reason to join this club is that it is a nice community of kids. Really kind people. If you don’t wanna join, you should know about this club because we play cool music,” Sasha said.

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