What are the benefits of studying computer science?

Today’s world is full of technology with it people have been able to create simple but useful things things, well known as apps or others such as video games. Most of them helps us in our life or is used for other purposes. These creations have changed our lives, as an example, there is more connection with others, we also have been able to learn in multiple ways but also have given us reasons to interact with people who we never thought we could interact. But where does it start and who created  them ? but more importantly, can I create one?


Today, everyone can create an app or video game with the help of the technology, but only a few can really understand it and find the advantages of it. Most, if not all of this knowledge is acquired in classes and experience. To start, you may need to understand several things in programming or coding. In Computer Science, a course offered by high schools and colleges allowing  you to understand basic skills in gaming and coding. This could lead you to better careers, including Software Developer, Network Engineer IT, Systems Developer, and Information Technology Specialist.


All these careers pay from $24 to $41 per hour or an annual rate from 55k to 116k. But “all this depends on the amount of work and the quality of it(the program, app or video game)” said Mr. Fabian, a high school professor at Unity Center for Urban Technologies. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to learn multiple computer languages which can be complicated.


Additionally, the creator of these programs, needs to be careful with all their steps, because a single mistake may result in a huge error causing errors in the programs, apps or video games, similar like loops which may crash any device or even cause the program to never start or function properly.


“I once made I mistake in a project and it caused me to lose a good percentage of my grade but after a while this becomes easy” Koko Kabash said a student of Mr. Fabian.


As others may not like this class they may not understand the privileges and opportunities that may open for anybody inside this modern society which modernizes everyday.

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